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Can I or my child be baptised in the South Wolds Partnership?

Baptism is offered to anyone who intends to follow the Christian life, wishes to belong to a Christian Community, and is willing to make certain promises. Baptism is also offered to children who are too young to make the promises themselves. If you wish your child to be Baptised, parents and godparents are required to make these promises on behalf of that child/godchild. The promises are:

  • To care for your child spiritually by praying for them
  • To bring them up in the Christian faith
  • To set them an example of Christian living
  • To bring them to Church

When do the services take place?

Baptisms usually take place on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month as part of the main service in St Mary's, Horncastle or separately at 12.30pm

What happens in the service?

During the service, promises are made, prayers are said and the person being baptised has water poured over his or her head as a symbol of new birth. In addition, the sign of the cross is traced on the candidates head to signify belonging to Christ, and a lighted candle is given to symbolize that the light of Christ has come into his or her life.

How much will it cost?

There is no charge but you may wish to leave a donation.

What about Godparents?

Godparents must be baptised and if possible, confirmed.
For a boy, it is usual to have 2 male godparents and 1 female. For a girl, 2 female godparents and 1 male

Can I take pictures during the service?

Not usually during the service itself although the opportunity will be given afterwards.

For more information on what it means to be baptised in the Church of England click here.

For additional information about Baptism in the South Wolds Partnership of churches, please contact: the South Wolds' Administrator on: 01507 525600




As a Church we believe that marriage is a gift from God and welcome all couples who wish to declare their love for one another publicly.

Getting married in Church will add a spiritual dimension to your wedding which includes God, and seeks his help and guidance as you commit your lives to one another as husband and wife.

If you have been previously married, an informal discussion with the Vicar will need to take place before a date can be booked.

For further information or to speak to someone about booking your wedding please contact: the South Wolds' Administrator on: 01507 525600

For more information about your wedding in the Church of England, try this link: yourchurchwedding




Funerals can take place either in Church or at a Crematorium. Your first point of contact, however, should be the local Funeral Director who will guide you through the process.

For more information please contact: the South Wolds' Administrator on: 01507 525600

You may find the information provided by CRUSE Bereavement Services to be helpful:

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