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Hemingby Group


Most of the time at church we are like a big happy family.  However, even in very happy families, people can have a bad day and even people we know and trust can upset us.  We want to help everyone have good days all of the time.  We try to make sure that people who have jobs in the church always behave well and in a way that is helpful to you.  We never want anyone or anything in church to frighten you, confuse you or worry you.  It is important that you tell us if something is upsetting you or if you are feeling worried about something that's happening or something somebody is doing.   We have specially trained people who you can talk to and who you can ask for help.  Those people are good at safeguarding.  This means they look after everyone's safety.  Caring for people is a very important part of our Christian life.

The people who can help you are the parish priest or the parish safeguarding office.  You can contact the safeguarding officer, Karen Elliott or Revd Mark Holton.  If you wish to speak to someone outside the church you can contact the diocesan safeguarding team – their contact details are available here:

There is also information there about other places from where you can get help or advice.


The Hemingby Group of the Horncastle Deanery sits generally to the west and north of the town of Horncastle on the Lincolnshire Wolds.

The Hemingby Group comprises the 8 villages of:

Edlington with Wispington
Hatton with Sotby
Great Sturton
West Ashby


The Hemingby Group hosts the popular Viking Way, a well-known walk, which is situated in wonderful countryside. It is located to the west and north of the town of Horncastle.  We are fortunate to have three thriving pubs, a number of well used village halls and quality Residential Homes where the residents enjoy a Communion Service once a month.


Like the Asterby and Horncastle Groups, the Hemingby Group  have been very well served by  NSM and stipendiary clergy who work across all three benefices.  


At present we hold one Service of the Word and celebrate three Communion Services each month.  Additionally, we hold special services as required.  We have good attendances at our Harvest, Carol and Easter Services.  The average weekly attendance is between 15 - 23 people depending on the location. Our pastoral team have joined the other groups for training and skills and are regularly seen about the parishes.


The Hemingby Group has a single Parochial Church Council, of which the worship committee is a sub group. Each of our Churches has an individual Village Church Council.  Our free, bi-monthly magazine, is delivered to every house in the area. It helps us to keep our communities in touch. We are committed to each other in terms of our parish share too.



Our Group is best experienced through hospitality.  Our Harvest Suppers, Group Barbeques, and money raising events like the Snowdrop Festivals and Cream Teas are great opportunities to get together. Our churches host many community events. 


We are lucky to have some good organists in our group to help with our services too.  We have a band of dedicated carol singers who are renowned for their ability to raise large sums for local charities from their annual Christmas village appearances.

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